Welcome To Our Tennessee Farm!

There's A New Jug In Town.


History And Pride Kept Alive
While A New Tradition Begins!

The Gammon family’s milking roots were grown from the family’s 1940 “Grade B” dairy farm in Hendersonville Tennessee. Moving from their since evolved “Grade A” dairy farm in Hendersonville to the quaint farming community of Orlinda, Tennessee in 1970 Robert “Bobby” Gammon and his father Robert “Pap” Gammon began what is known today as Gammon & Gammon Farm. Fifty head of Holstein cattle were milked twice a day, 365 days a year, rain or shine in a modest 4 stall barn which a few years later was changed to a 6 stall where 100 head were milked twice daily.

Today at Gammon & Gammon Farm Bobby and his son Steven continue the tradition, but in an updated more state of the art 24 stall dairy barn built in 1999. Now with the addition of the Gammon Family Dairy Inc Processing Plant a new tradition begins. With this new tradition and with the same dedication and determination of his father and grandfather, Steven plans to keep the family business of dairy farming alive to provide for his family and yours by producing high quality, All Natural REAL MILK.

Do You Know Where Your Milk Comes From?

Gammon & Gammon Farm is proud of our most dedicated employees….our 300 head of Holstein & Jersey cows. Their milk is pasteurized and homogenized, but has no additives. After all, REAL MILK needs no additives! All processing, packaging and distributing is done on Gammon & Gammon Farm at the Gammon Family Dairy Inc Processing Plant and we welcome you to come see us in action with a farm and processing plant tour (beginning Summer 2010). Visit Chase’s Corner Store located on the farm to purchase our milk as well as other homemade & homegrown products. Our milk can also be found at a store near you.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Crops are grown on the Gammon Farm
There’s a new jug in town!                                                                                which is used for feed for the cattle.

From our farm to your fridge not only will you enjoy the taste and freshness of our All Natural REAL MILK, but you will have the peace of mind of knowing where your milk comes from….your local dairy farmer!



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