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Established in 1980: By Sterling Belcher:

The Campground Celebrated Its 25th Year In May 2005.
"25 in 2005"

In the beginning of Tripple Creek Park my father Sterling solely began running the "Lost & Found Homecoming" Festival.  He along with several family members built the park including electric, water, stage and landscaping camp spots.  I was 12 when we held our first show and I was not old enough to help except to mow the concert area.  After several  years Dad changed the festival name to the Mid-Atlantic Bluegrass Festival as we were the only festival in the mid-eastern states area.  The park has held several kinds of events from Fiddlers Conventions (16 years), Gospel Shows, Beach Shows and even Car Shows.  Since then; things of course have grown including bluegrass and not to mention myself.  So after our 17th Annual Festival in 1997 I found myself in a position to take on a new endeavor as I was already working for myself anyway. So I took over the promoting and booking of our festival, not solely remind you, as I didn't completely push my father to the side, but in order to make changes you need quite a bit of rope to get it started.  I wanted to add a new perspective by changing some things and making it a more  modernized show, and he let me go with pretty much anything I felt the need for ~ thus marking the beginning of the ALL New "Festival in the Pines" at Tripple Creek Music Campground in Rocky Mount, Virginia.  And to mark my first year as a promoter and since we had began as the Lost & Found Homecoming it seemed to be the perfect place in 1998 show off our hometown boys, The Lost & Found for their 25th Anniversary.  We brought back the ORIGINAL members which included: Roger Handy, Gene Parker & of course the ever popular Allen Mills and Dempsey Young.  The celebration was such a hit and delight for the audience as well as the band, we brought back Roger Handy to our stage for a special segment in our show in 1999.  And, also if you didn't happen to make the show, sorry you missed it, because the highlight for 1999 was a reunion of a group that no longer travels the Bluegrass Circuit.  We are proud and happy to say we held "The first, one-and-only- scheduled Bluegrass Cardinal Reunion" which featured David Parmley, Larry Stephenson and Don Parmley -original member and founder of the band. This was the early 80's era that audiences loved so well.  Don makes his home in Franklin County making this the obvious place for such a special event. You could have heard a pin drop during both of these special Reunion Shows.  Since then, you may have caught one of the Cardinal Shows elsewhere, if you didn't get the chance at Tripple Creek, as it went so well others had to have it, too.

In 2000 I  feel we worked very hard to put together another great show for the 20th Anniversary when we brought back all of the favorites as well as some fresh and energized acts such as the Lonesome River Band to close the show. And now that the band has been recently reformatted this makes that year seem even a little more special. Don Parmley showed up and took the stage by surprise.  And that brings us to "2001"  where we held the largest show ever. Festival in the Pines has quickly since 1998 become one of the leading festivals in the country today where musicians from different bands give a little extra and surprise the audience by getting on stage with different groups, staying around a little longer and hanging out with the audience. We also began the Friday Finale's in 2001 which included: Larry Stephenson, David Parmley, the soulful Jr. Sisk, Mike Hartgrove and Friends singing all of those old and  favorite standards.  Over the past 5 years, the shows and crowds have enlarged, each year seeming to become more and more a part of everyone who have come and stayed the weekend or even the whole week with us. The last show in 2002 stood out above all the rest, due to the increased numbers, which made Tripple Creek the place to be. The Saturday Spectacular in 2002 was of the ever-popular Original Seldom Scene w/guest Larry Stephenson. That's right the original four: John Starling, Mike Auldrige, Ben Eldridge and Tom Gray hit the stage for another one of our "first-ever scheduled reunions" we're so proud of, during the "SATURDAY SPECTACULAR" show (which was new in 2002).  Of course we ALL miss John Duffey, but if there was one voice who could even come close to filling his shoes and try to do his part - and not to take away from Duffey - there was a little Larry Stephenson to play mandolin and sing some tenor.  The "FRIDAY FINALE" was back again with: Newton, Parmley, Dilling, Day & Friends (Mark Newton, David Parmley, Steve Dilling, and Steve Day adding a little fiddle.)  The changes that have taken place have been an addition - from the great foods to the FREE Shuttle Service, the new entrance, a lowered stage and hot showers.  And the 2001 show marked more changes such as extra tiered camp spots being added in front of the stage directly behind the concert sitting area.   You may be asking yourself "what can beat" these past four years?"  Well since the 2002  show which marked the "5th year for Festival in the Pines" we have added water hookups throughout the park for easy refills during your stay beginning in 2003.  We then held the first festival date for WhiteHouse - Supergroup and Ramblers Choice Reunion. Since we are becoming known for our reunion shows, something great has to happen in future years don't you agree. . .  The festival promotions and booking endeavors have been given back to Sterling to proceed with great music at Tripple Creek, so daughter Dreama may follow her DreamBEE Creations & Designs business she began in 2001.

If all of this isn't enough please remember we also have breakfast served daily and feature plate dinners Friday & Saturday afternoons. You'll find indoor restrooms & shower facilities next to the Snack Shack as well. The Bluegrass Trolley runs for your convenience FREE of charge during show hours to the rough camping and car parking areas. And we hold drawings for FREE merchandise every day. And for our "25th" Anniversary ... We're giving away a FREE Bluegrass Cruise and a Gibson Banjo. And don't forget our new water fill stations added for everyone in 2004. Just bring your hose and splitter.  So don't be left out! Plan to come and take a ride in the trolley during our next show and to also celebrate "Bluegrass Music Month", at our 25th Annual Festival and the 8th Anniversary of the "Festival in the Pines" Bluegrass Spectacular.

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